Is there limits on CPU usage?

We employ CPU priorities in an effort to both allow no single user to "hog" CPU processes, and also to give a boost of CPU power to those who purchase our upmarket VPS plans. Follow the example below :

There is 3 VPS's on the server, a Basic, an Advanced and a Premium. Each of those have CPU priorities of 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Now if ALL three of those VPS's are running at their maximum. What happens is the base server calculates the priorities. In this case we add all the priorities together so 1 + 2 + 3. So 6 all up. We then take the individual priorities and decide how much of the CPU share they should get. The premium VPS has a priority of 3, so it takes 3 CPU cycles out of the possible 6 (Or half). The advanced has a priority of 2, and so takes 2 out of the 6, and the basic has 1 so it takes 1 out of the 6.

Do I get SSH Root Access

Yes all VPS accounts get SSH root access to their VPS. However because our VPS nodes all run OpenVZ, you will not have access to modify the kernal.

Are account setups instant?

Unfortunately account setups are not instant. While the OS install and setup is instant. Any options you add on (Such as control panels like cPanel, or Installatron) need to be installed manually.

What hardware are Wachahost VPS nodes ran on?

All Wachahost VPS nodes run on Xeon Quad Core processes. We use 4 harddrives set in a Raid10 setup (Striping + mirroring).

Do you run daily backups of VPS nodes?

While we do backup our VPS main node daily, the backups are for our own uses mainly when/if a harddisk ever goes bust. Should you wish to have access to backups, you will be required to take them yourself.

Can you transfer my old account over?

If you are already a Wachahost shared hosting customer, we will do the transfer upon request. If you have a VPS node elsewhere that you would like to bring over, you can do a WHM to WHM transfer inside your control panel of your Wachahost VPS. We can also help you if you are not confident to do it yourself. If you are using a shared service outside of Wachahost, you will need to make arrangements to transfer your site on your own.