Live support

We currently do not have any AIM or MSN support available, but we do provide live support in the form of our chat bar down the bottom right of this page (And on everypage on Live support is to be mainly used for pre-sales questions. But if you have a ticket open and need someone to look at an urgent issue, we are always able to help.

Ticketed support

Ticket support is our main form of support and can be accessed via the client area. While mainly used for technical issues with our existing customers, if you have a rather large question on a product, or have a special request with our VPS range. It is advised to open a ticket in our sales department.

Email support

You can email support[at] We also have a white label email (wachahostsupport[at] which simply gets forwarded to the support email. Email support is our last defence. In 100% of cases, Opening a ticket will get your issue resolved faster than sending an email.