R1Soft Backup Technology

We have all done it, coding away on your site, accidently changing something and suddenly your site will no longer function at all. At Wachahost we take backups of all shared hosting client websites nightly. We store the past 10 days (Instead of doing a "Daily" and "Weekly" backup). Using R1Soft technology, clients can restore their backups from their own cPanel, without having to contact Support, open tickets, or shutdown your business while you wait for us to help you out.


One of the most tedious tasks for a beginner webmaster is installing scripts like Joomla and Wordpress. Using Installatron, the hassle is taken out of installing a wide range of CMS's, and within a few clicks you can have Wordpress up and running in seconds.

Knowledgable Support

Want to speed up your Wordpress installation? All our staff are super knowledgable on a wide range of topics including CentOS, Wordpress, Joomla, PHP and MYSQL.